Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Puppies

Hi I Am Back....Sorry it has been along time. Found the missing Camera. I am sure Merlot was hiding it and I heard through the Grapevine that she was blaming me and the Little Hunters. She is a Golden Retriever and she thinks she is a Princess, so what can you do but humor her. She is my younger sister and she is due to have babies in about 8 days. My staff says that I need to be nice ;o) (I'll get her back someday).
I have allot of pictures of The Little Hunters. The staff has pretty much taken over the feeding and cleaning up after them. I AM DONE! As soon as the little teeth started to appear...That was it for me! I Said...STAFF, you wanted the litter, You can have them! But I sometimes have to step in and tell them right from wrong if they get out of hand.

Cheap toys work wonders

Two cheap toys are even better

The weather was nice this today, so they played all Day Long

Here Cami is pointing out a piece of poop on Fliers butt

Duckie and Birdie are checking to see if The Staff bought them any treats from Cub Foods

Sleepy time in the Tunnel, with Buckshot and Cami...or maybe it is Decoy. Oh well, it's one of the Yellow Twins. I think this is Flier being Spoiled by a visitor

Duckie trying to get into the Food container. They are HUNGRY all the time!


That's the Kids for now

Rio, The Black Lab

Monday, April 13, 2009

The New Digs

The Staff disassembled the Nursery yesterday. That must mean they think The little Hunters are Big Kids now and can have their own rooms.

Here the Staff is starting to take it down...Looks like Merlot is coming in to supervise. She has been really a pain, she wants to get in and start re-decorating. Sorry Missy, We still have 2 weeks left

The new play pen/living quarters are being assembled.

WOW, Look at the new place and just get a load of all the toys. I can't find the puppies there are so many toys.
Teal does not like where the new potty area is and is trying to move the furniture. Oh NO, I think she fell over??? Must have been heavy load.

Sister Duckie has come to the rescue, she will help Teal with the furniture moving. Looks like the twins, Decoy and Cami are in the way.

I better go supervise,

Rio, The Black Lab

Outside Activites

Yesterday when the Staff returned from stuffing themselves at a Easter Brunch...Which I do have to add, They did not bring Me or my Little Hunters back anything, No Doggie Bags???...THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Anyways, They came home and we took the puppies Outside to play.

They were first corralled while the others got hauled out

A few thought the new Tube was very adventurous

They even had their own Easter Lunch. It wasn't the typical Ham, but Puppy Gruel was just as tasty. No complaints from The Little Hunters!

The Milk Truck arrived (that's me) So I ran for my life!!!

Kiana and Troy look on, wishing they could join in on the fun.

After all of the outside excitement, the little guys tuckered out and fell asleep. I guess while we were all playing, the Staff was up in the nursery taking every thing down and putting up some new Digs for the Little Hunters.

Rio, The Black Lab

Friday, April 10, 2009

The New BIG Play Ground

We had a real adventure yesterday. The Little Hunters got to go outside for there very first Hunting Expedition....actually it was the BIG Play Ground out in the back yard. But I am trying to build their confidence up and letting them think it was their first hunting expedition, so play along...wink, wink...
Here they are running to one of The Staff, while the other Staff takes pictures. They are still not too adventurous, so they stay close to The Staffs feet. I think that's where the old says goes....Under Foot.

Huddle Time...I think they could be planning something, when 3 labs get together for a meeting...It could be trouble!

With all of the Fresh Air and running they did, The Little Hunter were just famished!!! The milk truck is pretty dry right now, so we had to go with 2 metal dinner plates and by the looks of the picture, they like the new table settings.

With the fresh air, exercises and full tummy's...They are ready for a long siesta. Sleep tight Little Hunters...

Rio, The Black Lab

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Great Escape

Got everything up and working again.....

The other day I think the puppies WOKE UP! They wanted O U T!!!!! and nothing was going to stop them...

I thought I better check on them, I was on the computer and heard a few barking. I guess they look OK.

There were a few brave ones, looking over the edge. I guess the one in the middle was the look out.

The coast is clear...time to make the move...

One out...OK guys...coast is clear, Mom & staff are not looking...

WE ARE FREE....A whole new world to explore. I think some of the Little Hunters are off exploring the kitchen while some just stay close to the Nursery...

Busy Times here at Camp Rio...

Rio, The Black Lab

Monday, April 6, 2009

They Are Growing

Life has been real busy here at Camp Rio. The Little Hunters are growing up. They are starting to get active and have romps around the indoor play ground several times a day. They are eating their mush with Gusto which they LOVE so much. They make total PIGS out of themselves. I think they get more ON themselves then IN themselves! Of course they have to wash it all down when the Milk Truck arrives ;o) The Milk Truck is having a hard time staying full, so hopefully My Staff will give those hungry little hunters more to eat so the Milk Truck has more time to refill.

I have tons of pictures I wish I could share with you, but I am having trouble with the "Picture Down Loady thingy" It's not working. I have a feeling Merlot was trying to download some pictures and broke it. I have my Chief Of Staff on the problem so hopefully she can get it up and running. I heard a few choice words last night, so I am not sure when the problem will be fixed. I thought it best to stay away from the computer last night! It didn't sound safe ;o(

Merlot looks like she is starting to lose her girlish figure now. She keeps bugging me to move out of the nursery. She says she wants to start decorating! Geezzz...I don't know who she thinks she is! I keep telling her that I still have two more weeks on my lease before I have to move out. SO MERLOT.....CHILL!

I guess when it's time to move, my new Digs or at least the Puppies new Digs will be out in the Garage! Huh! I am not sure if I really approve of that! I feel like I will be moving from the Penthouse to the slums. But my staff reassures me that I can redecorate it to my liking and the Little Hunters will have a real nice place to live and their very own walkout to the Big Play Ground Outside!!! With lots and lots of Toys and Play Ground equipment to play on. I guess the more I think about it, I may move out there too!

Gotta go...I hear someone barking,
Rio, The Black Lab

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dinner Time

Hey, Rio here...The crew thought the little hunters were hungry and I was not being a good Mom...HEY What can I say? I never said that being a mother was my passion...did I? NO, Didn't I say I would rather be out hunting, chasing tennis balls or bumpers? YES!! SO HELLO!

Oh don't get me wrong, I love my babies and I go in the nursery every now and then but when there is food around, or when people are here, then I am sure it's ALL ABOUT ME!

Anyways, The Crew decided to feed the puppies alittle gruel. They dived right in, they just LOVED IT!!! I guess they were hungry.

I am doing the best I can, I really don't have alot of milk, I am not equipped to handle 10, I only have 8 working dinner plates.

With the help of ME...the little hunters now belong to the Clean Plate Club!
OH LOOK!!! A couple of the puppies are playing Hide & Seek... and NO, that is not my beer! I believe it's the Staffs, after taking care of those Little Hunters they need a little Adult beverage!
Well, better go check on the little ones,
Rio, The Black Lab